Presenting Your Home For Sale

When it comes to presenting your home for sale there is a multitude of advice out there including everything from baking bread before an open house to professional home styling. Some of this advice would be expensive or hard to follow and it is possible to over capitalise on improvements before you sell and that could be money you don’t get back. Realistically, there are a few very simple things that every vendor should think about in preparation to sell their home: - Tidy Up. It’s simple enough, have a good de-clutter around the house. The less clutter around your home the more spacious it will feel. A good tip is to even begin packing some items you’re unlikely to need in the short term. Store the boxes neatly in the garage or even out of the way at a friend’s place. - First impressions count. Stand in the street and try to look at your home from the curb objectively. A dirty or broken letterbox is easy to repair or replace, remove cobwebs (especially from around your entry) and complete any minor repairs or touch ups that stand out and look shabby. - Keep it clean. It is amazing how a clean home appears to be in better condition and more spacious. Clean floors, windows, shower screens etc. make a big difference. If you are super busy, consider hiring a weekly cleaner for the period that your home is on the market. It will take the pressure off you and ensure that buyers see your home at its best. Taking on board these simple ideas could help you achieve the highest possible price for your home.

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