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Tallon Estate Agents

57 High Street, Hastings, VIC 3915

Hastings - If you've been part of it for the past 35 years, there's a name you'll know as you've driven up High Street. Tallon Estate Agents, not far from the original hardware store and milk bar. Whilst other businesses came and went, it stood firmly. Today, Tallon Estate Agents remain headed by the Tallon family, now with the Eview Group standing steadily in the wings.

It was just over three decades ago that Alfred Tallon and his wife created this family estate agency, one you could rest weary arms on, and let them do the hard work. And you knew your rental property, or sale would be taken care of in that easy, old-fashioned way.

Those same standards of tenacity and dependability have been handed down since his passing to his son, Dominic who sits proudly at the helm, maintaining and expanding the decades of work Alfred dedicated to this office. After all, Dom's lived and breathed real estate ever since he can remember, with deals being discussed by his parents over the vegies and roast at the kitchen table. Absorbing information like a sponge from his toddler times, it was natural that he take the reins one day.

Dom's reliable, dedicated and warm team specialise in residential sales, whilst Dom's work is cut out with large acquisition sales in the mix. With a background in residential sales, and a business degree with a major in accounting & management, it stands to reason that this successful Company Director handles large overseas and major Australian property deals with ease.

But what makes Dom different is what comes with heart and soul. As Director of Eview Group Tallon Estate Agents, Dom's eye watches with care each and every property that moves in and out of his office. After all, he has his father's name to uphold.

In the 1840's this village was simply a small fishing town named after its counterpart in the UK. Today, concrete slabs herald new growth in both houses and businesses that sprout into homes and jobs. Yet the values of honesty and integrity and being a person of your word are carried forward into the fabric that makes up Eview Group Tallon Estate Agents in this Western Port hub by the water, an area springing with growth at its feet.

Eview Group - Tallon Estate Agents. We're just great estate agents.

Specialty Suburbs:
  • Bittern
  • Crib Point
  • Hastings
  • Tyabb

Tallon Estate Agents is a Proud Member of the Eview Group.
Australia’s first multi-brand real estate network

‘Eview Group Proud Member’ symbol represents more than just a logo.

Member agencies and their teams are selected because of their dedication to their profession, exceptional customer service and for their track record of success.

They are not only professionals with great talent, but those with heart, purpose and an inherent DNA of going beyond what is normally expected.

As a result, our customers get to experience the best of both worlds; boutique service with absolute reliability, backed by the support of Australia’s most progressive real estate services company, the Eview Group; helping real estate agencies connect people with property.

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